18 December, Saturday — Be Not Afraid

Saturday of the 3rd Week of Advent – 18 December

Jer 23:5-8
Mt 1:18-24

“…do not be afraid…

Fear is a very powerful emotion. It drives people to do things which they never imagined themselves doing. Often, these things may hurt rather than bless others which could cause a great issue for everyone. Where does fear come from though? It comes from the Father of Lies – the Evil One. It seeks to distort the truth so that we are confused and try to engage in behaviour which run contrary to God’s plan.

The antidote to fear is love. The first letter of St John reminds us that perfect love drives out fear. St John Paul II, throughout his pontificate, reminded us to “Be not afraid.” This refrain reminds us that Jesus has already conquered all sin and that we, as individuals, are called to live a life of happiness and joy. Some may ask how can we do so amidst the gloom and doom of the present day. I believe we need to enter into Scripture to nourish us.

The prophet Jeremiah reminds us today that the day of the Lord is coming and it will be a time of honesty and for us to dwell in confidence. We can face the situations which the world presents to us with confidence because we are children of God, saved by the precious Blood of Jesus. We can show love to the people around us by making time for them. Perhaps we can ask them to meet and find out how they are coping. Maybe a message sent to them might be the start of a meaningful conversation. Acts of love need not be grandiose but usually are gestures, which though small, speak volumes to the other party. Let us pray for the ability to love all whom we meet.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Nicholas Chia)

Prayer: Jesus, let us love others as you have loved us.

Thanksgiving: We give thanks for all who have died in the service of Jesus.


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