2 April, Saturday — Commitment

Saturday of the 4th Week of Lent

Jer 11:18-20
Jn 7:40-52

…for I have committed my cause to you.

In any leadership transition, there comes a time when those working directly under the ‘previous regime’ will feel disgruntled or question their value, especially when the new leadership team begins to make whatever changes they deem necessary in order to move the organisation forward. However well the succession planning has been done, it is inevitable that there will be some attrition, especially if new blood is brought in. And more so if the previous leadership has been held in very high regard/esteem by the senior managers.

The past few months for me has been a time of readjustment as a planned leadership transition at work has taken effect. The new bosses have started to engage with as many staff as possible to articulate their strategies, and explain their thinking behind some of the changes and new initiatives that are now being rolled out. With the change, I now report to a new vice president and the change has taken a few weeks to internalise and get used to in terms of dynamics but I am now in full ‘let’s go’ mode. However, for some of my other colleagues, they are still wondering if the new leadership team is steering us in the right direction. Inevitably, talk revolves around “Did you hear about…?”, “I am not really sure…”, even “I don’t know how long more…”, then, they turn to me — a 12-year ‘veteran’ who has survived 2 other leadership changes — with that ‘how do you do it?’ look.

Among the many definitions of the word ‘commitment’, I came across this one — Spiritual commitment reflects a personal depth of faith and is manifested in both attitudes and behaviors — this in itself is a powerful statement because I realise that over the past few weeks, I had not been modelling exemplary behaviour to demonstrate support for my new boss. It hit me a few days ago when I ‘gave in’ to him on something (over WhatsApp) and deferred to him against my better judgment. However, the response I got shed more light on how I am being encouraged to speak as a professional and learn how to explain myself better rather than to just adopt a ‘flight mentality’ when challenged. In the end, my boss decided to heed my ‘expert’ advice on the matter.

I wonder how it was for the apostles when they were being attacked from all quarters for following Jesus, the one who was welcomed so warmly as He entered Jerusalem, already fully aware of His gruesome fate. Surely, they would also have reached a point where they questioned their decision to follow this leader. Peter’s denial points to the turmoil they must have been feeling as they grappled with their feelings and wondered if they should ‘stay the course’, especially so after the crucifixion. Yet all of them did so, some even to the extent of dying for the cause. As a leader, what more could you ask but that those who serve/follow you are willing to give up their lives for you.

Brothers and sisters, we are all answerable to various people in our lives here on earth. And while I may have served under many leaders in my life, there are hardly any I would lay my life down for…except one.    

(Today’s OXYGEN by Desmond Soon)

Prayer: Abba Father, our heavenly north star. Show us the way always and give us the faith and perseverance to follow You and to heed Your call, never wavering.  

Thanksgiving: Thank you Lord, for always guiding us and lighting our paths.


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