22 April, Friday — Miracles of Quantity and Quality

Easter Friday

Acts 4:1-12
Jn 21:1-14

…in spite of there being so many the net was not broken.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus asked Peter to bring in the fish they had caught. They caught so many fish that the writer had to point out that it could have broken the nets, but it didn’t. Did Jesus just let them catch the right number of fish so that the nets wouldn’t break? Or did Jesus reinforce the nets such that it wouldn’t break? Either way, it’s a miracle.

In this world where we have to always strike a balance, or try to figure out what is just right, I always look up to Jesus and pray that he’ll help me find that sweet spot. Jesus knew when it’s best to express anger with the right firmness, when it’s best to be compassionate, what are the right words to say to move people’s hearts. Jesus knew it was best to wait before going to Lazarus, because the miracle of raising him up from the dead was what was the best at that point in time, as compared to the miracle of just healing him.

I always pray and ask Jesus to help me find that balance, to help me find that sweet spot. If I need to say something to my manager or co-worker on a sensitive topic, I ask Jesus what would be the right words to say. I end up saying what needs to be said — nothing more, nothing less.

It also happens with time. Each one of us has 24 hours, and there are times when I don’t even know how to fit what I need to do, especially if there is ministry. Well, God makes ways. There were so many times when my schedule was freed up so I could attend to what is necessary. There were also so many times when a task that I felt would would have taken ages to complete, completed itself in a shorter amount of time.

This leads to the second point that maybe, Jesus reinforced the nets. While the first point was God making sure there is the right quantity, this one is about quality. God can change the quality of things or situation such that their effects multiply. And we know that when this happens, God’s hand is really there.

I remember a story shared by one artist discerning if she should continue pursuing her career. She related that she got her answer during Mass. The priest gave a very short homily. He said that we should use our God-given gifts. So she got her answer and the rest was history.

God works miracles both in quantity and quality. And what’s amazing is God knows when each is needed. That demands that we trust that God really knows what He is doing and, just like the Apostles, we will definitely be amazed and surprised by God.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Stephanie Villa)

Prayer: Dear Lord, teach me to surrender to your plans and miracles. Help me trust that what has to happen will happen.

Thanksgiving: Thank you, Lord, for all your surprises and miracles in my life.    


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