15 July, Friday — Keeping Busy in God

Jul 15 – Memorial for St. Bonaventure, bishop, religious, doctor

St. Bonaventure (1221-1274) entered the Franciscan Order when he was 22. At the age of 35 he was chosen General of his Order and restored a perfect calm where peace had been disturbed by internal dissensions. He did much for his Order and composed The Life of St. Francis. He also assisted at the translation of the relics of St. Anthony of Padua.

Isa 38:1-6,21-22,7-8
Mt 12:1-8

“For the Son of Man is master of the sabbath.”

Ever since Holy Week, my weekends have somehow evolved into a non-stop celebration of God’s presence. First, I was invited to join a choir who needed vocalists, and this meant being present each Sunday for early morning mass. Thereafter, we practice for the following week’s mass and, depending on how things go, I would also attend a later mass with G.

At the same time, another choir leader reached out to me to help them with their singing. So, I began to attend their practice sessions on Sunday afternoons, before they sing at the sunset mass. It took a while for me to discern my ‘Yes’ about offering my time because I wanted to be intentional, and to be confident enough to offer what I have been so blessed to discover in my vocal sessions with my coach every Saturday morning.

A third ‘door’ which opened up involved me training our motley group of singers in the music ministry I am blessed to continue serving in. All these opportunities for me to share what I am learning on my faith journey are a testament to God’s blessings in my life. I believe that God has set me on these journeys to help me grow in my faith and to work with others to help them discover their unique talents; something I am hoping to get a formal certification for later in the year.

‘Instruct me, Lord, in your way; and on an even path lead me.’

The Gospel Acclamation of today reminds me that we must always stay true to our faith journeys. Indeed, a fellow brother approached me a few weeks ago and asked if I would serve on a board of a Catholic organization to help with their PR and marketing tender. It took but a few minutes for me to reply with a ‘No’ and when I explained why, he understood fully.

Brothers and sisters, for those of us who serve in ministry (some even in two or three), it is important that we are discern fully what our true calling is in order to serve Him well. I believe that when we step through a door, others will close. But in discerning our true calling, He will open up many other doors for us that we never would have imagined possible. Yes, there is a sacrifice involved but when others benefit and you see the fruits of your labour manifested in each one, then it can only be the result of being present to God’s graces.  

(Today’s OXYGEN by Desmond Soon)

Prayer: Father, continue to nourish us with your holy Word and fulfil the divine plans you have for each and every one of us as we labour in your vineyard.

Thanksgiving: We thank you Lord, for always blessing us with your heavenly graces and with our talents.


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