8 October, Saturday — As happy as Mother Mary

Saturday of Week 27 in Ordinary Time

Gal 3:22-29
Lk 11:27-28

‘Still happier those who hear the word of God and keep it!’

Being the Theotokos is definitely one of the greatest gifts God can give to any human. That’s exactly what Mother Mary received during the Annunciation. Can you imagine how happy Mother Mary must have been to receive the Angel’s greetings and know and feel how much God loves her? Well, this role is a ‘once in a human race’ role and no one else is going to have it. Today’s very short Gospel reading tells us how we can be happier, even though we are not the mother of God. And it’s something Mother Mary has done. We have to listen to the word of God and keep it.

To be able to share in one’s happiness, to have that communal feeling, has always been integral in our faith. In fact, God himself took on human form so that He could assure us that He understands us. Being affirmed that we can experience the same happiness as Mother Mary’s happiness should make us feel that we can actually connect more with Mother Mary, and with God.

When I first started writing this reflection, I thought, ‘Is it possible that we could be happier than Mother Mary?’ Then I realised that Mother Mary was doing what Jesus had said. Mother Mary simply kept the word of God.

In her Magnificat, she said that ‘Blessed is she who believed that the promises made to her by the Lord would be fulfilled.’ She was described in the gospel to have been pondering things that Jesus had said in her heart. Clearly, Mother Mary keeps the words she hears in her heart. And let’s always remember that Jesus is the word of God. I’ve heard it once said that Mother Mary and Saint Joseph were in perpetual Adoration as they lived with Jesus Christ. No wonder Mother Mary and Saint Joseph were so happy.

Some of us today may be going through tough times in life, which makes it difficult for us to be happy. I hope that we can find comfort in the fact that God has given us, and told us how we could have a share in the Divine Happiness, even in this life. It’s a happiness that all of us have access to. We just have to ponder on God’s words, on God’s promises, and keep them. Let us make the word of God our source of happiness. So that when we pray the rosary, we can share this smile that Mother Mary has.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Stephanie Villa)

Prayer: Lord, please help me be happy every day.

Thanksgiving: Thank you Lord, for showing us how we could make that connection with you and Mother Mary. 


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