29 October, Saturday — The Judgy One

Saturday of Week 30 in Ordinary Time

Ph 1:18-26
Lk 14:1,7-11

“For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled…”

Ok, I admit. I judge people and at times, I am super judgy at that. I don’t really know when all this ‘judginess’ started but as far as I remember, I often draw a conclusion on the type of person you are, simply based on what shoes or clothes you are wearing; what brands you carry and even the school that you studied at. This, unfortunately, leads me to down a dark path, where I let my pride take over the little common sense that I have, and believe that I am better than you just because my shoes are of a particular brand.

Superficial much? Absolutely. Prideful? Most definitely.

Pride is the thorn in my side. I often ask the Lord to grant me the humility and the strength to put Him in the centre of all I do, that I do not let my insecurity and pride cloud whatever I do and say. It’s certainly not easy and I constantly slip up. In my early working years, I would constantly complain and moan about why people were so ‘dense’ in that they could not understand what I wanted and not see the bigger picture. Of course, it was just my pride speaking and judging others as not operating at ‘my level’.

Thus, whenever, I read or hear these words… “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled”, I immediately feel as if I had received a ‘Holy Slap’. Over the years, there have been numerous occasions for these ‘Holy Slaps’.

I serve as a lector in Church. In my previous parish, I knew that I was one of the better lectors. So much so, that I used to only practice my readings 45 minutes before mass and believed that I didn’t need to practice that much. So, when the family moved, I moved to join the lectors in the new parish. Much to my surprise and annoyance, I had to undergo an ‘audition’. I was quite annoyed, since my pride led me to believe that I should be able to excel as a lector in this new parish as well. So, why the need to audition?

I managed to pass the ‘audition’ and found that my new fellow lectors belonged at a totally new level.  I was, and continue to be, blown away by their abilities, their knowledge of the scriptures and the spirituality of my fellow Lectors. They shared how it is to proclaim rather than read at mass. To not focus on our performance at the ambo but rather to ensure that the Assembly is able to receive the Word of God and let its message resonate in their hearts.

Even now in my work, I have been offered an opportunity to step away from the commercial world and contribute in a non-profit organisation. It will be a totally new environment for me and I thank the Lord for leading me here. It’s very likely that I will have to swallow my pride and know that I cannot behave as I did before in some of my previous organisations. I ask that The Lord grant me an open heart and an open mind to let me work according to His plan.

As I celebrate yet another trip around the sun, I give thanks to the Lord, for He has greatly blessed me. I also humbly ask that I will be able to quieten myself, humble my heart, accept and do His will. Until the day that I am called back to Him to be judged by the one and only Judge, our Lord Jesus Christ.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Calvin Wee)

Prayer: Heavenly Father, you are most blessed and worthy is your name. I pray for a humble heart that I might always rely on you and to trust in the plans that You have for us.  Amen.

Thanksgiving: Thank you Lord, for the gift of life and love. Thank you Lord, for the many blessings that you have bestowed upon us. Thank you Lord, for the opportunity to serve You. Amen.


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