19 November, Saturday — DEFCON

Saturday of Week 33 in Ordinary time

Apo 11:4-12
Lk 20:27-40

Blessed be the LORD, my rock.

DEFCON, or Defence Condition, is the classification system for determining the preparedness of an armed force in response to a prevailing threat situation. It is featured regularly in movies, with the action mostly taking place when DEFCON 1, meaning war, has begun.

What most do not realise is that most wars don’t start in the blink of an eye. There are many indicators of looming threats. Deep analysis is constantly carried out to determine risks and dangers, along with their required countermeasures. Preparation for war is also something that cannot be forsaken, even in peaceful and prosperous periods. It is in being prepared for the worst, that we have confidence and serenity in our everyday.

The same can be said for our faith journeys. I am guilty of having let my faith and religious commitments lapse during good times. But that would not put me on a strong footing if things go awry. Perhaps it is because of the lens I used when examining life.

If it was merely a journey, then I would take some steps to be prepared and subsequently take whatever did happen in my stride as positively as possible, and thereafter see it as a learning experience.

However if I saw life as a battlefield with high stakes and unimaginable outcomes should the war be lost, my preparation regime would be very different. I would routinely take stock of my readiness, train hard, and always look for creative means to outdo my adversary. In short, I would always be ready.

I am not prescribing the metaphor that you should use for your life. I am simply suggesting that you should use whatever visualisation method that grounds and situates you adequately so that you always emerge victorious.

As work begins to wind down for the year and the holiday festivities begin, may you not lose sight of the prize at the end of it all; to have peace of heart and mind, and a close and personal relationship with God.

(Today’s Oxygen by Gregory Mathew)

Prayer: Dearest Lord, we ask you to keep us resolute in our commitment to you and your ways.

Thanksgiving: Thank you, dear Lord, for the assurance that you will always be by our side regardless of the battles or trials that come our way.


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