20 February, Monday — Being Blessed with the Gift of Wisdom

Monday of Week 7 in Ordinary Time

Ecc 1:1-10
Mk 9:14-29

All wisdom is from the Lord…

Today’s first reading reminds us that wisdom is a gift from God, bestowed upon us.

I recall various points in my life where I realised I had managed to tide through a difficult circumstance or an obstacle even though I felt that the expectations or responsibilities that I had committed to fulfil were not within the scope of my human capacity. I realised that these tough moments were more bearable when I was able to surrender the process and outcomes to God, and reminded myself that in areas where I feel humanly inadequate, I can rely on God’s wisdom to fill me and guide me.

As someone who has to juggle multiple responsibilities at work and other commitments outside of working hours, mental clarity is essential to ensure that I’m able to keep up and stay on track. It might feel overwhelming at times, but when I remember that I’m trying to exercise my area of giftings the best I can, I know that God will continue to bless me with wisdom so that I can continue to grow in alertness and be sharper in the area of decision-making.

Brothers and sisters, let hope that we can continue to surrender and grow in faith so that we can be more open to God’s wisdom and allow him to continue shaping each and every one of us.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Grace Yee)

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I pray that I will continue to trust in Your wisdom to guide me in areas where I feel humanly inadequate.

Thanksgiving: Lord Jesus, thank you for allowing me to be open to your wisdom and giving me the various opportunities to continue growing in it.


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