1 April, Saturday — Choice

Saturday of the 5th Week of Lent

Eze 37:21-28
Jn 11:45-56

“I will be their God, they shall be my people.”

Jesus came to save mankind from sin and death. He told the Jews that he was their God — the I AM.

In fact, Jesus made many statements that were either outrageous or true. He claimed that whoever would listen and keep His Word would never see death. He also said that the water He gives is living water and whoever drinks of it will never thirst again. He also proclaimed that God was his father and God glorified him.

And to top this all off, Jesus even performed unbelievable miracles by driving demons out of many possessed people, raising dead people like Lazarus and Jarius’ daughter; and giving sight to the blind (Bartimaeus) and curing lepers.

Factually, Jesus’ words and actions indicate that he was either a mighty prophet, or that he was GOD himself. Sadly, the council of Sanhedrin rejected all facts and plotted to eliminate Jesus. Their human pride and jealousy blinded their judgement. They were more interested in their political power than their own salvation. They forgot the teachings of Ezekiel. God had taken the Israelites, who were in exile, and brought them back to their land. God did all he could to cleanse them of their abominations, so they could observe all the statutes. This plan was utterly rejected the moment the die was cast to kill Jesus.

Today, Catholics too, are faced with a simple choice. Either rejoice that Jesus is our God and we his people, or reject Jesus, and hence all his teachings, by the way we practice the faith.   

Brothers and sisters, we rejoice with Jesus when we:

1. Reject being a Sunday or lukewarm Catholic.
2. Read the bible as much as possible, pray and go for the Sacrament of Reconciliation often.
3. Don’t compromise on the core Catholic teachings about family and marriage.
4. Tell others about our faith, especially fellow Catholics.

However, we reject Jesus when we:

1. Do everything possible to remain a ‘Sunday Catholic’.
2. Expect the Catholic church to tone down its ‘hard’ teachings to fit a lukewarm faith.
3. Accept & promote ‘liberal values’ on abortion, LGBT marriage while claiming to be Catholic.

Brothers and sisters, we need to choose wisely!

(Today’s OXYGEN by Andrew Sia)

Prayer: Lord, help me to be a rejoicing Catholic full of faith and love for you.

Thanksgiving: Abba Father, only You have the message of eternal life.


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