12 April, Wednesday — The Lord has risen

Easter Wednesday

Acts 3:1-10
Lk 24:13-35

“Did not our hearts burn within us as he talked to us…”

Da Vinci Code, Opus Dei, Saxum & Emmaus. Four phrases/words inexplicably linked to today’s reflection. Let me explain.

The infamous Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown’s 2004 international bestseller introduced the world to a ‘mysterious and nefarious’ Catholic organization called Opus Dei. On February 7, 2019, this same Opus Dei opened Saxum Centre, a state-of-the-art conference and retreat centre in Abu Ghosh near Jerusalem (or Emmaus in Jesus’ time). This location was chosen for a specific purpose to do God’s work.

Pivoting now to the gospel passage, we read about two disheartened disciples. They were on the road to Emmaus when the risen Christ appeared and walked with them. Jesus explained the scriptures and inspired them so much “their hearts burnt with fire”. Despair turned to joyous faith and hope.

When we are burdened and in despair, it is comforting to know that Jesus wants to walk with us. He wants to strengthen and deepen our faith. Yet, many times we don’t recognise him or want his help.

Let us change and accept Jesus. To do so, we must start with humility. Surrender to his will and let him define our life goals. To do so, we must increase our spiritual awareness. Make time for daily quiet moments to discern his presence. Finally, we must receive the Holy Eucharist with utmost reverence and faith. This gospel passage showed the power of the ‘breaking of bread’. It will open our eyes and hearts to experience Jesus in his fullness.

Today, Saxum Centre continues with Jesus’ mission. It wants all visitors to reawaken their Christian faith. Similarly, Opus Dei members witness to the secular world by uniting their spiritual life with their professional and family life. Doing ordinary things with extraordinary faith!

I am not a member of the fraternity, but I write well about them. Why? Because my wife is one of the founding members in Singapore. I have ‘survived’ quite well in 29 years of marriage. Best of all, she is the catalyst for my own ‘Road to Emmaus’ journey of faith. Seeing her go to mass at 5.45am every day and bringing prayer life into our family has brought joy to my faith. Each day, I have more desire to read the bible, do daily prayer and tell others I BELIEVE that Jesus is my saviour.  

(Today’s OXYGEN by Andrew Sia)

Prayer: Lord, help me inspire others to seek you through their journey of faith.

Thanksgiving: Thank you Lord, for the trials that life brings for it is when I am weak that you are strong.


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