23 April, Sunday — Healing the Soul

3rd Sunday of Easter

Acts 2:14,22-23
1 Pet 1:17-21
Lk 24:13-35

“They had recognised Him at the breaking of bread.”

The road to Emmaus is an important account of one of the early post-resurrection appearances of Jesus after his crucifixion and the discovery of his empty tomb. More importantly, it describes an encounter whereby Jesus journeyed with the two disciples from a state of sadness and hopelessness to one of recognition and celebration. Jesus ministered to them by listening to their anxieties and pains, and in explaining the scriptures, guided them on their journey of spiritual growth.  

I find myself bogged down by the nitty-gritty of everyday life. Days are often spent in a whirlwind of activity of fulfilling expectations in the workplace and at home, raising an inquisitive toddler and a mouthy puppy, while trying to remain centred (and sane). In grappling with professional curve balls and the occasional health issue, maintaining a strong prayer life inadvertently slips in priority. Reflecting on the gospel, I find myself wondering if I would recognise Jesus if He came up to me today. Or would I, like the disciples, be so wrapped up with my own concerns that I fail to discern His presence in my life?

After a persistent bout of flu which 3 GP visits could not cure, I found myself outside the adoration chapel, surrendering my health issue and seeking solace in the Lord. An hour of adoration gave me a renewed perspective and newfound appreciation of my blessings. I look forward to receiving the Eucharist as soon as I recover.            

Today’s reading presents us the opportunity to identify with the unnamed disciples as they make the journey to Emmaus. May we remember that Jesus is always present, holding space for us, so that we recognise His presence in our lives and seek to build a stronger relationship with Him.    

(Today’s OXYGEN by Stephanie Eber)

Prayer: Heavenly Father, open our hearts and minds to discern Your presence in our lives, even and especially in challenging circumstances.        

Thanksgiving: Thank you for giving us the gift of a personal relationship with You. May we grow closer to You and be the face of Christ to all we meet.     


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