26 April, Wednesday — Thy will be done

Wednesday of the 3rd Week of Easter

Acts 8:1-8
Jn 6:35-40

“…it is my Father’s will…”

Today’s gospel reading is the first in a series of 3 that revolve around the same theme – Jesus, the sacrificed lamb as the bread of life who comes to save us. If we look back at His Passion, we recall how Jesus resolutely obeyed his Father, despite knowing what he was about to go through – betrayal, humiliation and the brutal crucifixion.

It has been more than 7 years since my father left us. In the intervening time, I have not really had the time to reflect and think much about how he made an impact on my life. Then, recently, I met someone who kept talking about dad with fondness and telling me stories of how he was always the life of the party, bringing people with strong opinions together and bonding over drinks at the club we are members of.

This made me look back at how dad, in his own way and to a certain extent, willed me to be the kind of person I am now. Granted, he was not a perfect father, but he did teach and imbue in me certain qualities that served me well as I was building a career and establishing my networks.

Lately though, some new responsibilities have been thrust upon me; not just at work, but in ministry. I have been called to serve on a new team and at work, the changes keep coming thick and fast. Someone asked me the other day how long more I would be able to continue at this intensity, and at such a fast pace (which, of course, is relative). All I said was that as long as someone else up there saw fit for me to serve, then I would do it to the best of my abilities – something dad always told us, “Don’t waste other people’s time by being mediocre. Do your best all the time.”

Brothers and sisters, while it may appear at times that we have not much of a choice in how and when we decide to invest our time and efforts in, I believe that if we were to take a step back, we just might be able to discern the hand of God in some of the paths that we choose to take. I have been used to treading unchartered territory for the longest time – both at work, and in ministry. All I can say is that it takes a huge helping of faith and a lot of trust in the Lord to be able to plant that first step firmly on the rocky trail.

At the end of the day, when we eventually reach the end or the next crossroad, we may just turn back and say ‘It was the will of God that brought me here’. I encourage you to spend some time in quiet contemplation this week to look back at one journey that you began with trepidation/anxiety and see where God gently guided you along.

(Today’s OXYGEN by Desmond Soon)

Prayer: Abba Father, you lead us to new opportunities and make us walk new journeys with nothing more than our faith in you to guide us along. Be with us as we stumble, fall, and pick ourselves up again as we navigate the uncertainties of life. We know that you have us in your loving arms all the time and only want what is good for us.

Thanksgiving: Thank you Lord, for always feeding and nourishing us with your manna.


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